Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stop Socialism Now!!!

How did we magically appear at the brink of Socialism? Public health care is a “socialist plot” to destroy the values of our Great Nation! We must never allow this travesty to take root and grow.

Now that we have stopped public health care, we must turn our attention to a few other “socialist plots” that “they” have snuck past us. Remove your children from public schools so the buildings can be demolished and turned into parks or factories. Then rip out the public utilities (power, water, sewage, gas…), bulldoze the public roads and freeways, and finally disband the police and the military (who provide for public safety). We will finally be safe from the “socialist plot” when all public works have been expunged.

Wait a minute! Something seems wrong! The fundamental purpose of the government is to provide for the safety and well being of the public. The government is supposed to provide the services that people can’t provide for themselves. If the roads were provided using the “profit-for-service” model that our current medical industry uses, then the rich would have the best roads in the world, the rest of us would be lucky to have dirt tracks, and the system would cost ten times as much as it does.

The medical industry is ten times more expensive than it should be. It’s not just the insurance companies. Hospitals and other medical facilities are run as “profit-generating” businesses where executives can earn hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses every year. The drug companies and the medical supply companies are run using this model too.

Every developed country in the world, except America, provides health care for ALL of their citizens, and not one of them costs nearly as much as our system does.


  1. 1) As a libertarian socialist I constantly feel offended when a psychopath right-wing conservative Republican shouts “socialist” at president Obama as if it was a swear word. However, I do like it when they giggle afterwards because it shows their lack of maturity and incompetence, and proves my point about their incapability to handle politics. Even school children have more creative ways of name calling.
    2) NO body of those making a big fuss right now argued against the lavish funding of the military under the Bush administration, which one website (war resistance league) puts at 54 % of federal funds and which contributed in killing millions of innocent civilians (from our tax money) in an illegal pointless failed war. However, they have a problem with spending money for health care, to help people who are dying and can’t afford to get their medicine, or have their operation.. I rest my case!
    3) It is natural for the government, instead of greedy company executives, to take its responsibilities towards providing all the necessary public services to its citizens, including health care.. Why is that so hard to understand? As a libertarian socialist, I would like a community structure to that with limiting actual government control over health care programs, but for now; it is the best we’ve got, regardless of the ideologies we subscribe to.

  2. Very well put, and strong argument in favor of what should already be done. I couldn't agree more with this article and want to help people to see that public health care is a basic human right, not a luxury. The interconnectedness of our social system is too complex to be able to say "its not my problem" and be justified when not caring for all individuals in that system. It is this attitude, in my opinion, which is to blame for many of the social problems we currently face, such as homelessness, addictions, and even the decline in educated citizens. Enough of my rants...great article. Thanks! "Jera"