Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Out-of-Towner’s Grange Casino
Tom McCall expressed the opinion that out-of-towners should come to Oregon, spend their money, and go home. For the most part I share this opinion, especially when it comes to The Grange.

This casino is the project of some undesirables from Las Vegas. They are free to come here and spend all of their money, but they should not be allowed to change our constitution so that they can take up residence in a new type of Oregon casino.

There are the obvious reasons for rejecting this new casino; it will attract criminals and promote substance abuse, violence, and abuse. It will overload the infrastructure (streets, hospitals, courts, and jails). Unfortunately, these deficits are only the least of the problems these out-of-towners will cause.

The promoters of The Grange (the real name and the real effects to be discovered later) claim this project will create 2,000 jobs and contribute $100 million dollars a year to benefits Oregon’s economy. This is pure deception!

If these claims about the Grange are believed then it will provide nearly $200 million dollars per year for Oregon. The cost of that “windfall” will be far greater. The Grange will extract between 2 and 10 billion dollars from the Oregon economy each year. The long-term net effect of The Grange is a drain on our weak and struggling economy that will produce a continuing loss of jobs, a further weakening of our economy, and a potentially disastrous economic collapse. Don’t allow the out-of-towners the opportunity to destroy Oregon’s economy by sending billions of dollars to Las Vegas every year.